Website promotion is one of the most effective recently applied marketing tools. All modern types of business are connected to the internet. Contemporary customers are extremely exacting and demanding. It is more than likely that offline shops and markets will cease existing in the near future. A large number of consumers are ready to overpay for goods up to 50% or even more in order to be delivered their purchases wherever they wish.

How to attract customers?

The question is which way of attracting customers to your website is most efficient and profitable. The two most widespread types of website promotion are the promotion via search engines or SEO and promotion using social media called SMO. Both types have advantages and drawbacks. It is necessary to discuss both search engine optimization and social media marketing/optimization in details. It needs to be done in order to clarify which website promotion type is more suitable and in which cases.

Few words about search engine optimization

Search engines are used by millions of people and a great number of organizations all over the world. That is why, providing your website with high rankings in greatest search engines like Google, Yahoo and some others will boost your traffic and certainly attract the audience you are interested in. Promoting a website in any search engine is an extremely complicated task. Of course it requires higher education, programming and some other skills and years of experience (though in practice not all SEO optimizers are proud of these advantages).

Don’t expect immediate results. You need time and a well planned strategy to win top positions in search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. This is because you need to take an extremely large number of factors into account. SEO optimization is divided on offpage and onpage ones. The onpage optimization is targeted on the website structure optimization. This includes work on general website functionality for better availability and visibilty. Website popularity is also greatly depends on the website content. You need to write targeted articles aimed at attracting traffic. The keywords for all articles are crucial and should be competently and professionally worked out by means of famous SEO tools.

The offpage optimization is another great part of the website promotion which deals mostly with link building. The more relevant resources refer to your website, the better position your website gets. Links exchange, guest blogging, blog commenting and social bookmarkeing are the pioneering strategies in offpage optimization. Some companies use to buy inbound links but this is considered by search engines as a black hat SEO approach and a website may be kicked out from top positions for using such methods. Be carefull with this.

Search Engine Optimization is the great field for experimenting but still it has many laws a great part of which you should discover by yourself.

Social media and website promotion

Social media is undoubtedly one of the most successful inventions of the 21st century. Thanks to social media, it is now much easier to communicate and exchange information. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and dozens of similar services will help you not only to find and establish connections with people from all over the globe but to represent your company in the best possible way. The main advantage is that connection via social media is quick and free and it may lead you directly to your target audience. Hardly any other type of communication can be more convenient.

Any company has the opportunity to promote its website in any social media without serious expenditures. Business or fan pages in Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn will play communicative role and are available for millions of users who are ready to share the information if your social page is interesting. Unlike SEO, where you need time to improve your page rank and increase SERP positions, SMO allows you to get a decent traffic in short time, but again everything depends on how your services and a social page is interesting for public. Social media is now an object of interest for numerous companies and enterprises and is an extremely promising way of website promotion and business conduct without any doubt.

SEO or SMO – which way is better?

Both SEO and SMO have pluses and minuses. It is necessary to consider them in details in order to exactly comprehend which way of website promotion is more preferable and in which cases. Is it also essential to come to a conclusion whether SEO and SMO can be used in tandem with each other or not.

Customer segment       

In case your business is targeted at a large number of customers and their customer opportunities are not so important for you, SMO has an advantage. Nevertheless, wealthy customers rarely have their own account on various social media websites. It is since they have to spend an enormous amount of time conducting business and cannot afford being in the Internet for long. So if you are willing to attract rich clients, focus on SEO.


It is much easier to attract followers in SMO. This trend can easily be explained. People have their own accounts on social websites. From the psychological point of view, the personal account encourages them to go to the website more often. The users subscribed on your updates will immediately see news from you in their feeds, this is exactly the thing you need. Those users who liked your posts will immediately share them with their friends and you may get additional followers.

Link building

In case you are promoting your website in any search engine, you are in need of inbound links. Inbound links from trusted domains can increase the flow of traffic to your website up to a few times. You can purchase links. None the less it is not recommended by many famous SEO experts. Inbound links are a separate question in SMO. They usually serve as a proof that SEO gets benefit from qualified SMO.


Analysis is fundamental in SEO. It is always necessary to determine what the rankings of your website are at the moment. The competent and detailed analysis will let you improve the content on your website in time and confidently keep high positions in search results. Analysis is not so profitable in social media. It is mainly necessary for evaluating the users’ interest to your website as well as the group or blog you keep on a social media website.

SEO and SMO benefits  – summary table

# Feature

SEO benefits

SMO benefits

1 Trust It takes a significant amount of time to make your domain the trusted one. Nevertheless it will finally result in favourable SERP positions and therefore constant traffic increase. It is not required to have a trusted domain or high Page Rank in order to successfully promote the website.
2 Price Search engine promotion will let you invest solid capital to get results, however your expenditures will finally justify themselves if the strategy is well planned one. Promotion in social media is free. You may only pay for the services of an SMO specialist, but this price is not so high as it may be in case with SEO.  It is an excellent option if you are only beginning your own business.
3 Contacts As mentioned above, if you target to reach solid customers, then SEO is the strong point. Promoting the website in social media allows you to establish valuable contacts not only with users but  with others companies and entrepreneurs.
4 Traffic snowball Investment in SEO will undoubtedly result in customer flow. A good expert will attract a great audience even in spite of some possible limits.
5 Important features The first things to take into account are content, website structure and inbound links. Well-developed structure and competently written content will allow you to be at the top of all famous engines. The structure of your website is not as important as in search engine optimization as you focus on your social pages which need to be original if you want to attract visitors. Good design and visual graphics will be a great background.

 SEO and SMO – tandem is the best decision!

As you see, SEO and SMO not only coexist but successfully complement each other when properly applied.

SMO is the best choice if you only start your business and need promotion without serious expenditures. What concerns the highly developed companies they should of course put emphasis on SEO. This is because search engine optimization focuses on status and lets them gain trust among their customers and partners due to being the best factor of their success. Nevertheless, it’s clear that large companies benefit from both promotion types.

The early success on social media websites will later positively affect the search engine rankings. Search engines appreciate social media activity too. It can be seen that both of the website promotion types are crucial and can undoubtedly work in tandem.

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