SEO for most people is a foreign term. I often find I am met with blank faces when I announce ‘I’m an SEO’. Even the short and simple explanation I give is still met with confused expressions. Occasionally someone will respond ‘Ah! Search engine optimisation!’ This is incredibly refreshing as not so long ago this was an extremely rare response. The word of SEO is slowly spreading, whether it’s the business owners who have heard they should be using it, or a web designer who knows the basic details, people are starting to hear about SEO. With that in mind greater interest is occurring in becoming an SEO, so I am going to let you into the secrets of the life of an SEO.

The Day To Day

Working as an SEO is certainly interesting. I know more random facts now than I could ever have dreamt of. For example, did you know that cats sleep for 70% of their lives? As an SEO you don’t need to know all about anything and everything. You just need to be able to research and condense information well, picking out the important and interesting points, then reworking them into an engaging and compelling article. This is something you will be doing on a daily basis, writing highly relevant articles for your clients in order to build links.

Analysing data is also a big part of an SEO’s job. You need to be able to track and measure the work you are doing. Google analytics can look like confusing territory to a beginner but as an SEO you will soon learn to navigate it with your eyes shut.

Weekly Tasks

As well as writing content and tracking results there are various other jobs an SEO will be expected to do.

Having great communication skills is always beneficial as an SEO. Most of your clients will want to know all the ins and outs of their SEO campaigns and it is essential that you can take them through these, discus progress and future work. For many SEO’s we are used to writing and analysing data, not heading meetings and phone calls. It becomes easier and easier though, and the more confident you are with your campaign the easier you will find it.

You may have to write site content as an SEO and write title tags. This is very straight forward when you know what you are doing. It is just a case of writing well and adding key words.

You will also need to choose key words for new clients as recognise when to add new key words to current campaigns. You will need to do this accordingly to research.

SEO is an exciting industry to work in as it is constantly changing and growing. I work for a UK SEO company and find every day is a little different and I am still surprised by how much I learn each single day. If you enjoy writing, are interested in marketing and want to be involved with a constantly growing industry, you can’t go far wrong with becoming an SEO.

Eilidh MacRae works for Marketing By Web, a UK SEO company.

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